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Message of the Chairman Of The Board

As EMİSAN Automation Systems, which continues its journey since 1989, we are proud and honored with over 1000 projects that we have been in Turkey and in the world.

EMİSAN has been an important automation company in Turkey and in its own field with the activities that it has carried out in the nearest 30 years, its knowledge and the understanding of continuous development. For this reason, we are also honored to contribute to the development of our country.

EMISAN Automation Systems will achieve all its objectives with its dedication to working principles and valuable staff working in a great family harmony.

EMISAN Automation Systems will achieve all its objectives with its dedication to working principles and valuable staff working in a great family harmony.

As the chairman of the board, I must state with open heart; There are two basic tenets of our 30-year success story. The first of these is our employees’ belief in us, their determination to succeed by working hard, the second and most importantly, the trust of our customers to us.

In our past day-to-day work, I offer my gratitude to all those who do not leave us alone and who support us and all my colleagues.



Chairman Of The Board


EMİSAN was established in 1989 in Istanbul. It grew up in a short time and in 2000 Emisan moved to the new and modern building which has a closed area of 1,800 sqm in Ataşehir, which meets the needs of the developing world with the millennium.

Reliability, quality of service, characteristics that are the followers of the technology, the industry has succeeded. Having a closed area of 1.800 m2, the company is carrying out successful works with its visionary, experienced, high quality engineer and technician staff. All the departments are working for a great harmony and the best service so that the projects can be completed on time and in a perfect way. Especially, it performs the production, installation and commissioning projects of generator automatic transfer panels, synchronization panels between generators and generator, building energy automation panels, data center complete projects, low voltage, medium voltage generator panels and automation systems. From project and technical coordination to maintenance and repair, all units are able to respond quickly to customer needs.

The principle of EMİSAN is customer satisfaction. Throughout his 27 years of history, Emisan has never lost his first day’s excitement, has always been in competition with itself, and has become a follower and rival of world technology to bring itself to the best position in every direction. EMİSAN Automation Systems will serve its customers in the best way by constantly improving itself in the future with the attitude that has never compromised from the understanding of quality since its establishment date.


Reliability, service quality, follow-up characteristics of the technology, Emisan is a company that succeeds with its follower of technology, visionary and experienced engineer and technician, and is able to respond to customer needs with all units from project and technical coordination to maintenance and repair in the fastest way.


Having produced all automation systems using the latest technology and serious research and development works, EMİSAN has achieved a first in the world with its successes. In 2008, for the first time in the world, the 14th Generator Synchronization System in one busbar (25mVA – 11kV) was installed in the military training camp in Iraq, bringing its technology above world standards. Our vision; Is the only representative organization in the world that has signed all the initiatives in automation systems.

Quality Policy

To keep abreast of all innovations and developing technology in the sector with its expert team Continuously improve all the processes that we provide To maintain customer satisfaction with a customer-focused approach Using our resources effectively to keep the quality of the service at the maximum level

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